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SMA-F to SMA-M 2.82m RG316 Patch Cable


2.82m of RG316 50 ohm coax, terminated with a SMA-F and SMA-M at either end. This length was chosen as it is the correct odd multiple of a half wavelength, giving the most accurate SWR at UHF CB frequencies.

RG316 allows use with different projects to keep it lightweight, compact and portable.

Can be used with our Long Range Antenna or Tactical Antenna Relocation Kit for getting the antenna up higher. Height is might with UHF, so the saying goes. RG316 makes it easy to coil up and fit into a backpack.

Cable will also fit the GME TX6600S, Uniden UH755 and UH785 radios directly. May fit other brands/models with the correct adapter.

Suitable for HF and VHF use.

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