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President McKinley 27Mhz 40CH AM/SSB Mobile CB


Only a President McKinley USA purchased from an Authorised Australian Distributor and carrying the RCM mark is compliant to Australian Standards. The McKinley is the only new 27Mhz AM/SSB that is currently approved.


- 40 channels AM / SSB

- Power 4W AM / 12W PEP SSB

- 12 / 24 V

- Channel rotary switch

- Volume adjustment and ON/OFF

- Manual squelch and ASC (Automatic Squelch Control - AM mode)

- Multi-functions LCD display

- Digital S-meter

- ANL filter , NB and HI-CUT

- Channels and memories scan

- 3 Memories


- F function key

- Beep Function

- Dual watch

- Talkback

- Tone

- Dimmer

- Front microphone plug

- External loudspeaker jack

- Front loudspeaker

- Three different LCD Screen back colour lights

- Automatic SWR Meter

- Mike Gain

- Clarifier

- DIN size

- Size: 170mm (W) x 150mm (D) x 52mm (H)

- Weight: 1kg

27Mhz SSB (aka 11M) has always had a bit of a dedicated following, and now it is seeing some resurgence due to increased skip conditions from the solar cycle.

The McKinley is a solid workhorse, without the the plastic chrome bling associated with some other 27Mhz radios. It is also about the only 27Mhz CB that allows you to reduce the power output through the menu.

Please note that the weather channel feature does not work in Australia.

27Mhz CB is not compatible with UHF CB. AUSCB antennas are not suitable for 27Mhz.

For 27Mhz base antennas, we recommend Shockwave Antennas . Shockwave antennas are made in Australia and are of the highest quality.  They are also happy to answer any of your antenna related questions -

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