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AUSCB Compact Speaker Microphone


This Compact Speaker Microphone fits the AUSCB 5W 80CH UHF CB Handheld.

360 degree rotating lapel clip.

Allows VOX (Voice Activated Transmit) capability with the AUSCB.

Please note that Compact Speaker Microphones are generally designed to be small and light as they are normally worn near the head, so you will often find that the speaker volume is not as loud as the radios internal speaker, due to the size and position worn. Sometimes referred as a lapel mike.

What we have done for some in-car set-ups where loudness is required over road noise, is disable the accessories pin to the speaker side of the mike, such that the radios own much louder speaker works instead, but the mike in the speaker microphone is still active - making it a mike only. See image of pin difference. If you want us to do this for you prior to delivery after purchase - please email us.

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